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Why Learn Turkish Language ? PDF Print E-mail


• Turkish is among the top ten languages spoken in the world.

• Turkey is an emerging economic power with geographical and political ties to Central Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

• Turkey has long, rich history which includes important Biblical events and the development of the some of the earliest human civilizations.

• Turkish is a key language for many academic positions in the United States and Europe.

• Turkish belongs to a language family which includes more than thirty Turkic languages spoken in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Siberia and Northern China as well as in the Middle East, Balkans, and Europe.

• Raindrop Turkish House currently teaches beginning and intermediate Turkish classes in Texas and its neighboring states.

• Turkey has long served as a meeting point and cultural bridge between East and West.

• Turkish economy is the sixth largest in Europe and seventeenth largest in the world. Turkey has been a powerful ally of United States and a member of NATO for many years.

• Turkish is a phonetic language that is written in Latin alphabet and pronounced as it is written.