Sixth Annual Turkish Language Olympiad Southwest America Finals : Saturday, February 18, 2012 - Hobby Center Sarofim Hall Print

Raindrop Turkish House is organizing the 6th Annual Turkish Language Olympiad Southwest America Finals and everyone is invited to this exciting event that contributes in very colorful cultural life of Greater Houston area and Great State of Texas. Houston will host students from seven states who will compete in 11 categories including singing, poetry, talent, picture and figure, folklore, cuisine, language and state exhibition contests.


Here are the event's details:

Name of the event: 6th Annual Turkish Language Olympiad Southwest America Finals
Date: Saturday, February 18th ,2012
Time: 2 PM.-5:00 PM.
Location: The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts - Sarofim Hall in Houston
Address: 800 Bagby Street, Ste. 300 Houston, TX 77002
Host: Raindrop Turkish House   9301 W Bellfort Ave. Houston, TX 77031 713 974 1412
Details: Free and open to the public.
Turkish language is spoken by over 250 million people in the world. Today Turkish is taught in 115 countries as a second language in many leading high schools and colleges as well as in United States. Moreover, Turkish is one of the critical-need languages under the National Security Language Initiative that highlights Turkish Language as “actively sought by universities, government agencies and the business sector for their skills, experience, and knowledge!” (
Raindrop Turkish House is teaching Turkish classes in 17 cities in Texas and neighboring states including Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas. In order to promote Turkish language learning and cultural diversity, Raindrop has been organizing Turkish Language Olympiads since 2007.