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8th Annual Turkish Culture and Language Olympiad held at Hobby Center in Houston PDF Print E-mail

The 8th Annual Turkish Culture and Language Olympiad, organized by Raindrop Foundation, was held at Hobby Center in Houston on Saturday, February 15, 2014.  Over three thousand viewers enjoyed this festive atmosphere where students, parents, teachers and guests enjoyed live performances in different languages including English, Turkish, French and Spanish. The MC of the program was ABC 13’s Vice-President, Community of Community Affairs.

You may want to click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA0tdUobtt8&feature=youtu.be to see the performances from the event.

After the video presentation of Raindrop Foundation, Mr. Mehmet Okumus, president and CEO of Raindrop Foundation welcomed the guests and pointed out the importance of the diversity and multicultural society.

The program where students received their awards from the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker for their hard work and success in several categories featured singing in English, French, Spanish and Turkish, poetry recitations in English and Turkish, traditional Turkish, Mexican and Texans dances.
Mayor Parker also presented a proclamation to Raindrop Foundation and proclaimed Saturday February 15 as the Turkish Culture and Language Day.

Mrs. Cynthia Cisneros, vice president of KTRK / ABC 13 received the Turquoise Media award for her efforts for contribution to Turkish culture.

Kamran S Aghaie, Director of the Middle Eastern Studies at University of Texas at Austin for contribution to academic study and promotion of Turkish language.

The program ended with the awarded students’ dance and singing performance on the stage with a song called The New World. All in all, the program offered a great time in an exciting ambiance to the audience and depicted the multicultural and diverse face of city and our nation.

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